A full selection of breakfast items, including vegetarian and vegan options, hot and cold beverages.

Full English Breakfast – 14.95
Sausage, hash browns, bacon, black pudding, eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and fried bread

Herb Yogurt (v) – 8.50
Poached egg, spicy butter and toasted bread

Brioche – 10.50
Toasted brioche, pan-fried mushrooms, fried egg, Parmesan and Parma ham

French Toast (v) – 6.95
Served with honey and berries compote

Home Made Porridge – 6.95
Served with honey, Maple syrup and fresh fruit. Vegan option available

Pancakes (ve) – 8.25
Choice of spinach & mushrooms or a mixed berries compote

Mini Butter Pastries (v) – 3.50
Croissant, pan au raisin and pan au chocolate

Avocado On Toast (v) – 7.95
Crushed avocado on toasted sourdough bread with an egg
Vegan option available

Veggies English Breakfast (v) – 14.95
Veggie sausage, halloumi, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes and fried bread

Kippers -10.20
Spinach, poached egg and toasted sourdough

Egg Florentine – 8.50
Toasted English muffins, spinach, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce

Egg Benedict – 8.50
Toasted English muffins, back bacon, poached eggs and
Hollandaise sauce

Egg Royale – 10.20
Toasted English muffins, smoked salmon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce

Croque Madame 10.50
Toasted ham and cheese sandwich topped with bechamel sauce and a fried egg

Scrambled Egg (v) – 5.45
Served on toasted sourdough bread

“We had an amazing time tonight at Satchmo’s.
Everything was perfect, the service, the atmosphere.”

Dining – Lunch And Evening Options

Our experienced chefs welcome you to enjoy a fantastic meal and dining experience.

Our sample menu below is subject to seasonal change.


Soup of the Day – 7.50
Freshly made soup of the day served with toasted sourdough bread. Vegan option available

Gravlax Salmon – 10.95
Beetroot marinated salmon, wakame sea herbs on top of oatmeal bread with sour cream

Ham Hock Terrine – 9.95
Ham hock and cheeks terrine, pea and pear puree, pickled onions, piccalilli and pata negra

Calamari – 11.25
Lightly seasoned deep fried calamari with home-made aioli sauce

Lamb – 11.95
Slow-cooked breast of lamb, gem lettuce, pickled cucumber and onion mint yogurt

Caprese (v) – 8.25
Toasted bread topped with buffalo mozzarella, vine tomatoes and home-made pesto

Garden Salad (v) – 8.25
Freshly mixed salad leaves, spicy feta cheese, beetroot crumble,
basil snow and aubergine.

Home-made Fishcake 8.75
Cod and salmon fishckae served with beurre blanc sauce

Rainbow Trout – 10.95
Served with fennel and moretaine spicy nduja salam


Pan-Fried Cod – 24.00
Icelandic cod, Red beetroot risotto, sea bass tartar and crispy cod skin

Braised Pork cheeks – 25.00
Slow-cooked pork cheeks, creamy mashed potato, sultana ragu
and pickled baby leeks with caraway sauce

Rib-eye – 28.00
8oz local Rib-eye steak with spicy and crispy new potatoes in herbs butter, oyster mushrooms, cherry tomatoes with a Sauce of your choice

Corn-fed Chicken Breast – 22.00
Pan-fried chicken breast, pickled quince, mushroom puree, corn textures and raspberries

Sea Bass – 17.95
Crispy fillet of sea bass, sweet potato puree, olive, orange and capers sauce with chilli jam

Mexican Pita (v) – 15.00
Red kidney beans, courgettes, aubergine, corn, avocado, feta cheese or tofu with spicy burnt tomato sauce. Vegan option available

Pork Belly – 18.25
Slow-cooked pork belly, celeriac puree, remoulade kale and pickled baby onions

Aubergine (v) – 25.00
Roasted aubergine, tomato fondue, Miso glaze, sunflower seeds with bechamel sauce. Vegan option available

King Prawns Linguine – 18.00
Pan-fried king prawns, basil with rich Napoli and bisque sauce

Beetroot Risotto (ve) – 18.00  



Bay leaf carrots with a butter emulsion – 4.50

Broccoli and cauliflower with lemon sauce – 4.50

Sweet potato or french fries with parmesan and white truffle oil – 4.50

New potatoes in dill and mint butter emulsion – 4.50

“The decor is very chic and the staff are so lovely, attentive and welcoming.”


From the Sea – 13.50 – 22.50 / for one or two
Celariac remoulade, pickled cucumber, aioli, boiled egg, smoked salmon, smoked mackrel, smoked haddock with a garden salad

From the Land – 13.50 – 22.50 / for one or two
Chicken liver pate, Parma ham, salami, smoked duck breast,
pickled onion, artichokes, garnish of radicchio and toasted bread

Ploughmans Platter – 11.95 – 16.95 / for one or two
A selection of hard or semi hard cheeses, garnish of egg, celery, pickled onions and chutney


Caesar Salad – 9.15

Caesar Salad with Chicken – 14.95

Beetroot and Quinoa Salad (ve) – 9.25 
Served with a mint dressing

Mixed Leaf Salad (ve) – 8.25 

Black-eyed bean salad (ve) – 8.90 


Satchmo’s Burger – 16.20
Home-made beef (90%) and pork (10%) burger, onion marmalade, bacon, egg and fresh salad served with sweet potato or regular fries

Chicken Burger – 15.00
Corn-fed chicken breast, burger sauce, and fresh salad served with sweet potato or regular fries

Veggie Burger (v) – 12.90
Portobello mushrooms, grilled halloumi, and basil pesto mayonnaise serviced with sweet potato or regular fries


Warm Chocolate Fondant – 9.50
With bitter orange pate de fruit with orange and cointreau ice cream

Profiteroles – 8.50
Rich vanilla cream, crispy choux pastry served with chocolate sauce

Bakewell Tart – 8.95
Amarena cherries, salted almonds, yogurt and sea salt sorbet

Filo – 8.85
Caramelized filo pastry, vanilla cream with pistachio and cinnamon icecream

Pear – 8.95
Poached pear in white wine honey, creamy ginger, lime and pear sorbet

Ice creams And Sorbets (v) – 6.50
A selection of the chef’s home-made icecreams and Vegan sorbets

Raspberry Brioche – 8.00
Warm bread and butter pudding with raspberries and white chocolate sauce

Brownie – 7.50
Dark chocolate brownie, caramelised banana served with vanilla ice cream

Cheese Board – 15.00
A selection of hard and semi hard English cheeses with chutney and crackers

Fruit Salad (ve) – 6.95 

Afternoon Tea

Coming soon to Satchmo’s

An elegant afternoon tea option, served 1-4pm